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We’re transforming the $300B+ commercial insurance industry, starting with transportation. We believe insurance that truly works for fleets has been long overdue, and we’re building it from the ground up!


At our core we are builders, all from unique backgrounds, but each with the goal to make businesses safer through the use of data.

Our founding team is a perfect example of that. While building the fleet business from scratch at Samsara, Rushil saw firsthand that despite their rapid adoption of IoT, these businesses were still being failed by their insurance partners.

Alex, who grew Root to $500M in premiums, knew exactly how impactful insurance could be when the right data was applied to it. Abhay, who helped protect businesses with exabytes of data at Rubrik, was excited by the challenge of helping these operators use their data to become safer.

Together, they realized that while the operations that power our economy are getting connected (expected to reach 50 billion connected devices by 2030), they are still extremely underserved by the insurance that protects them. At Nirvana, we believe insurance should not only be tailored and hassle-free, but should also proactively help companies become safer.

The way businesses have traditionally approached insurance is fundamentally broken — the process is confusing, slow, and comes at a high financial cost.

At Nirvana, we’re building fair, equitable insurance that prioritizes safety and proactive protection above all else.”

Rushil Goel,
Co-founder & CEO


Elad Gil)

Elad Gil

Entrepreneur and Investor

Fidji Simo)

Fidji Simo

CEO, Instacart

Spike Lipkin)

Spike Lipkin

CEO, Newfront

Sam Hodges)

Sam Hodges

CEO, Vouch



Although it was Nirvana's leadership team that caught our eye, it is their mission that really impressed us. We are excited to partner with them to build data-driven insurance, that not only helps businesses operate more safely, but also positively impacts customers & beyond!

Raviraj Jain,


Rushil Goel
Co-Founder, CEO
Helen Wey
Head of Finance
Abhay Mitra
Co-Founder, CTO
Bandar El-Eita
Head of Marketing
Alex Carges
Co-Founder, Head of Insurance
Deepak Angrula
Head of Engineering & India Site Lead
Molli Simpson
Head of Product
Rishi Swami
Head of Data Science

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