How HBM Express uses the Nirvana Safety Platform to increase savings

HBM Express chose Nirvana for its actionable safety recommendations and its potential to reduce risk, improve driver quality, and cut costs.

Alex Trajanoski

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June 2022

“This is the first time we’re working with a tool like the Nirvana Safety Platform and already we can tell that this is the future of trucking.” Alex Trajanoski – Founder & CEO, HBM Express

Before he built a fleet of his own, Alex Trajanoski was a company driver, working for various carriers. After gaining years of valuable experience and insight into the trucking industry, Alex accomplished a huge career milestone and bought a truck of his own. Soon, one truck turned into two, and then four trucks. With a budding business, Alex took the next step of making his dream a reality and started a motor carrier company– HBM Express, Inc.

“We understood that behind every strong fleet or growth-oriented trucking company is a good insurance partner– this is what led us to Nirvana.”

Finding a partner in Nirvana

Because of poor experiences with previous carriers, HBM Express knew they needed an upgrade when searching for their next insurance partner. A fellow fleet operator recommended Nirvana Insurance, speaking highly of the Nirvana customer & platform experience. HBM ultimately chose Nirvana because of the fast quoting process, the customizable insurance coverage (ie: only being charged for miles that are driven with no manual reporting), and access to the safety platform. Nirvana was easy to work with and was able to partner with HBM to help grow their business thoughtfully and maintain high standards of safety.

When HBM came to Nirvana, the team was in the midst of revamping their driver safety program to encourage drivers to properly flag safety issues. HBM realized driver behavior was motivated by a fear of consequences for reporting issues, so they implemented a zero-fault program for drivers who reported safety issues early and often. HBM then leveraged their insurance partnership to use actionable insights from the Nirvana Safety Platform to put driver rewards and consequences in place for compliance and violations.

This year, we’re a bigger fleet but have fewer safety challenges, which is unusual– this is because of the updated safety program we’ve implemented based on recommendations from the Nirvana Safety Platform.

Using the Nirvana Safety Platform to increase savings

In addition to compliance, HBM was committed to increasing visibility into fleet safety performance and telematics data as well as improving driver coaching to save on operation costs.

Prior to Nirvana, accessing telematics and safety data was a time-consuming and muddled process requiring extra resources and money because the data wasn’t centralized. HBM was paying for multiple tools to manually piece together a picture of safety performance. The Nirvana Safety Platform increased visibility into their telematics data, leading to risk-reducing and cost-saving operation changes including rerouting drivers away from high-incident areas, routing drivers through more areas where they had easy access to repair shops, and implementing PrePass to avoid DOT delays.

HBM also uses Nirvana’s safety recommendations to improve driver coaching and performance. They use the driver leaderboard to identify low-performing drivers to proactively re-educate drivers, improve overall driver safety, and avoid inspections and fines. By helping HBM Express identify and address liability drivers in their fleet, Nirvana helps them save money by reducing liabilities, strengthening fleet safety, and ultimately empowering them to focus on what matters the most– the growth of their business.

Nirvana helps us save money because all our safety data is in one place.